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Alimrose Arabella Ballerina Peach Doll

Alimrose Arabella Ballerina Peach Doll


An elegant rag doll friend. 

Boasting fabulously long limbs, stitched facial detailing and softly blushed cheeks, the Alimrose Arabella Peach Ballerina is a truly inspired doll. Entirely fabric, Arabella has a neat ballet bun bound by a gold star, a floral leotard, a gold-starred peach tutu and dazzling golden ballet slippers with matching ribbons.   

Alimrose designed toys, which hail from Sydney, Australia, are popular for their more pared back presentation and bespoke accessories. The Arabella Peach Ballerina doll is a great example of this, with the stylized, elongated signature Alimrose limbs and thoughtful details. 

Measurements: approx. 57 cm tall.     

Recommended for 3+ years or as part of a feminine nursery decor.     

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