Welcome to Jasper Junior, Toy Suppliers to Santa.
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With passionate staff and educational toys of outstanding value we focus on learning and development through play. We pride ourselves on being unique and cater to little and big kids alike.

Our individual proJasper Junior Logoducts are sourced from around the world, many of our toys are wooden and built to be passed on through the family. We favour Australian made products but with the nature of the toy industry, we predominately stock European products as they have the beauty and quality that we love and respect.  All products sold through our stores have been tested to the highest standards and we actively support Fair Trade companies and the ethical sourcing of resources.

We do love a dress up (we are just big kids at heart!!) and our range online does not reflect the in store offerings of fairy dresses so please try and visit our stores to experience their wonder.

We never stand still as fairies and retailers we are constantly evolving and each week you will find new treasures both online and in store.

What you see today is only a small part of what the future will be so please keep coming back to see this space.

If you would like to contact a fairy, drop us your details in the form below and the elves and fairies at work will aim to respond as soon as magically possible.