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Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden


Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden


Foster their healthy relationship with food! 

Set in a sturdy wooden-crate planter, this inspired garden set includes life-like soil sections and slits that fit a vibrant assortment of play vegetables 'growing' inside the crate. 

Through tending to this garden set of play cauliflowers, pumpkins, beetroots and turnips to name a few, your little one develops their food literacy and grasps the key learnings of how foods grow and where foods come from.
The structure of the set encourages their curiosity with a viewing panel at the side of the crate, revealing how some foods, such as those bright tasty carrots, grow underground with their roots visible within the panel.

Harvest your stunning crop to begin your afternoon of roleplay cooking, then safely house excess vegetables inside the crate that closes with the lid for storage, until they're ready to grow again! 

All of the vegetables in the Papoose Grow Your Own Garden Set are hand-crafted in Nepal under fair labour and fair trade initiatives.
The vegetables are comprised of 100% pure wool felt, making them light, soft, durable and tactile for any supervised play or for ages 3+ 

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