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Recycling Craft

Recycling Craft



What an interesting and fun way to reinforce the concept of recycling our waste.

Children will use the paper bead winding tool and the supplied patterned paper strips, elastic string and glue to make delightful colourful beads that can be fashioned into necklaces, bracelets, or anything they can imagine.

Once they have used the supplied materials children can make more beads with scrap paper, wrapping paper, magazines and newspapers. They could even use their own artwork.

Or they could use paper that they have made with this accompanying Paper Making Kit.

Children can recycle anything made from card, (even a milk carton!) to create their own paper.

Experiment with different elements to create paper with different textures , add flowers for scent.

Use one of the four dyes included to dye any colour.

Pack Includes Instructions, a tray, a scraper, filtering mesh, a weight, glue bottle, 4 x dyes (yellow, green, red and blue)

Ages 7+

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