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Wooderful Life Wooden Music Boxes

Exclusive to our in-store customers; not available for online purchase. 

Looking for a memorable childhood keepsake piece? 

Jasper Junior is proud to stock Wooderful Life, the wonderful Taiwanese makers of intricate wooden music boxes, lights and decor!  

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Wooderful Life bring traditional style toys to a modern life with their timeless range of mechanical Music Boxes. 

Embracing the natural textures of timber including Maple, Pine, Beech and Walnut, these stunning pieces of wood craft are brought to life with the simple turn of a key. Using high quality SANKYO mechanisms from Japan, the wind up function can be stored and later toggled on and off with a switch. 

From our favourite 'Horse Carousel' turning to the Kinder Symphonie, to twirling 'Australian Animals' that dance to Waltzing Matilda, there are so many lovely pieces to choose from that are sure to appeal to a variety of decor styles. 

Wheeled miniatures are always a highlight for the kids, like the Train from the 'Alishan Mountain Train' or the Jeep that drives through the 'Safari', appearing to move on their own like magic thanks to a clever magnetic internal design. 

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View our full range in store and be memorised by our demonstration display as tiny carved figures spin and play classic twinkling tunes! 
All Music Boxes come securely packaged in a box perfect for gifting.
We also stock a few special pieces from time to time, including their range of wooden bedside lamps, palm-sized music boxes and novelty toys.

Due to the brand's strict trading policy, genuine Wooderful Life products cannot be purchased online. 

Please Contact Us to enquire more about the range.