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Base 10 Math Activity Tub


Base 10 Math Activity Tub

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Assist them to visualise mathematic concepts with this educational kit. 

Designed for teachers and educational spaces, the Base 10 Activity Tub presents simple mathematical concepts and basic counting skills in a visual, hands-on manner. 
Similar to Cuisenaire rods (which primarily focus on fractions), the Base 10 set is oriented around addition, subtraction and multiplication. Becoming familiar with "10s" as a base for their calculations by building and manipulating physical blocks, children will be able to move into more abstract notions and visualise complex numbers with the smaller units they are made up of. 

Includes 24 activity worksheets, 100 cube 'units', 10 bar 'tens', 10 flat 'hundreds', 1 cube 'thousand', and a teaching manual. Each activity sheet is colour coded and numbered to indicate different learnings and a growing level of difficulty. 
In teaching spaces, each tub includes enough resources for one to four children to share. A 'single' plastic cube unit measures 1x1cm and can easily clip together with a hole and peg. 

*ON SALE! Our remaining tubs are in the older style 'Black Tub' which have since been replaced with new teal packaging and updated graphics.
These tubs may be scuffed from storage and moving but all contents are new and unopened.* 

Recommended for primary school ages 7 to 9 years. 
Made in Spain by Miniland Educational. 

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