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Dig A Dinosaur Stegosaurus


Dig A Dinosaur Stegosaurus


A classic activity for the little paleontologist! 

Unearth your own Jurassic creature from a special slab of rock filled with dinosaur bones. 
Using the tools inside the kit, carefully hammer, chisel and brush away the debris to reveal a Dinosaur skeleton out of the soft rock. Some instructions will help you piece the bones together and see what you have discovered. 

Did you know that the name Stegosaurus means 'roof lizard'? Which of their special features can you spot that scientists first thought might look a bit like roof tiles? 

Comes with a clever digging tray to keep your digging area secure (and clean!) 
This activity is a sure fire hit for dinosaur lovers around 7-10 years, or even younger with some help from an adult to assemble the final model. 

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