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Kewpie Doll

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Kewpie Doll


Isn't every baby as cute as a Kewpie? We sure think so!! 

You may know them from your favourite mayonnaise, a classic carnival prize (on a stick!) or as the mascot of our neighbouring popular pizza bar here on Brunswick Street, but the ubiquitous Kewpie Doll has been beloved since the early 1900's! 
First conceived as illustrated characters by the cartoonist Rose O'Neill, early Kewpies were made of Bisque and partially inspired many highly collectable 'Googly Dolls' during this era. 

Today, Kewpie Dolls are made of a soft PVC plastic by the Japanese doll company Obistu. Adopt your own and oogle over their adorable big blue eyes, starry fingers and tiny wings on the back.
Kewpie is articulated for movement and can sweetly sit or stand with arms up or down. If you'd like to take one in the bath, we recommend you occasionally pop out their limbs to ensure any water residue can be cleaned out (...sorry Kewpie!) 

Available in multiple sizes - please contact us if you're interested in bigger or smaller varieties. 

Made in Japan
Recommended for ages 3+ 

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