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Wiltopia Animal Clinic


Wiltopia Animal Clinic


Create a wildlife sanctuary and nurse your animals back to perfect health! 

Wiltopia is where our world's exotic animals live in harmony with the people who nurture them. 
Inspired by the lush rainforests of South America, the Animal Clinic is fully equipped to research and care for these wonderful native creatures as they raise their babies. Row your boat through the rivers to look out for birds and insects that might be hiding in the trees. Then dock back at the Clinic and check up on the animals. There are warm animal beds with heat lamps inside and an exam table to administer the right treatments, and outside you can maintain two enclosures to let animals come, stay and go. 
The highlight critters from this set are a Tapir mum and baby, and an Ocelot with two cubs - soooo cute! 

Caring for the environment in real life too, the Wiltopia range is part of Playmobil's move to more sustainable play, with the full collection from toys to packaging utilising more than 80% recycled materials. The plastics in this range are recycled from discarded refrigerators (how resourceful is that!) and have a unique quality and soft texture that you'll be proud to have in your Playmobil collection. 

Enhance your experience through the Wiltopia app and website, with nature soundtracks, animal facts, videos, and AR projections. 
Playmobil encourages learning through imaginative role play and helps to develop social skills when shared. 

Made in Germany 
Suitable for Age 4+ 

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