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Wooden Building Bricks


Wooden Building Bricks


Combine simple Building Bricks with the beloved tactile qualities of wood! 

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to Lego bricks? Made in Japan by Mokulock, this stunning wooden toy adds a gorgeous natural element to your building block collection. 

Made in the style of the humble Lego brick, Mokulock Bricks are crafted from a variety of Japanese native woods and kept raw to showcase their unique colours and textures. Enjoy the subtle differences between Birch, Hornbeam, Maple, Cherry, Zelkova and Bigleaf Magnolia timbers and feel the naturally calming effect that makes interactive wooden toys so endlessly popular. 

These "Regular" sized blocks are the standard small size you're probably familiar with:
- 'Full' size 8 stud brick measures L32 x W11 x H13mm
- 'Half' size 4 stud brick measures L16 x W16 w H13mm

Compatible to build together with your own Lego brick collection -- as tested by us! Mokulock sets are available in a variety of size options for every builders needs. 
Each box size contains:

  • 24pc - 24 Full size bricks
  • 34pc - 28 Full size + 6 Half size bricks
  • 48pc - 48 Full size bricks
  • 60pc - 48 Full size + 12 Half size bricks

Due to the nature of wood, these bricks are not suitable for wet play and should be stored away from heat to avoid warping. You may find the bricks feel a little 'stiff' and extra grippy to start, but this will soften up with play.

Recommended for master builders of all ages over 5 years. 

Please note:
Mokulock may not be an exact compatible fit with the full system of branded Lego pieces, however we had no issues 'clicking' pieces together with our own personal collection of Lego bricks and people! 

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